About Us

Tiana's Creations was founded by Tiana Brooks a Licensed Cosmetologist who works from her home based out Detroit, Michigan. Tiana's Creations came into existence due to her daughter experiencing hair breakage and problems with hair growth. Brooks began mixing natural ingredients in her very own kitchen creating her famous crème concoction aka BB Crown & Glory Moisture Creme. This crème worked well on so many of Tiana's clients hair that they simply adored it. And believe it or not if it wasn't for Tiana's clients, mom, daughter, and sister's encouragement, Tiana's Creations would not excelled at the level it's at. My customers and support them believe in me so I believed in myself. It is her work but I vouched not to never give up on what I am passionate about. Most important thing in life is loving what you do while feeding knowledge and helping people in need along the way. Once you take that journey in life many doors will open wide. Love you all and thanks for your support ❤ 😘 

 Tiana's Creations products are designed for African American Women with curly, kinky hair types. These products are 100% natural with no traces of chemicals. Tiana's passion is to help women restore beautiful healthy hair by helping educate them on managing and properly caring for their tresses. Tiana's Creations products are a miracle worker on your Crown of Glory.