Tiana's Creations Passion is to help women to who experience problems with their Kinky Curly Textures learn how to care for their 2A to 4C hair Types improve and manage the overall appearance of it.

  • BlueBerry Moisturizing Hair Collection

    BlueBerry Moisturizing Hair Collection aims to please your dry or damaged hair by replenishing moisture, preventing breakage, and strengthening your hair texture. Products that make your life a bit easier. Designed for 3A - 4C Hair Types

  • BB Crown & Glory Moisture Creme

    BB Crown and Glory Moisture Creme repair damaged hair from color or relaxed hair, hydrates hair by adding moisture back into dry or dull looking hair. This creme is "the Truth" focuses on stopping breakage, detangling matted hair, and adding curl defintion. The products targets Black women who struggle with managing and styling their kinky curly hair. Designed for All Hair Types.

  • Passion Hair and Body Butter

    New Arrival! Passion Body :Hair and Butter can be used for styling hair wet or dry while moisturizing, taming frizz, and sealing ends. Use as a body butter all over dry skin before or after bath keeping skin moist, soft and with a radiance glow.

Tiana's Story

Form humble beginnings working long hours as a Hair Stylist hustling out of my basement to creating a hair care brand.


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